I have loved photography since before I could properly hold a camera. Looking at old family photographs always was, and still is, one of my favorite pastimes. It is a way to travel through time and relate to past generations. When I look at a photograph, I am fully transported there. 

So, I begged to used my family's old 110 film camera when I was young, to produce more of these gateways for myself and others. While in high school I was never without a camera. In those days I was fond of disposable cameras. I could take them anywhere and didn't have to worry about breaking them. Bringing them into the local drugstore for development produced the most satisfying feeling of anticipation. Then in college I was led into a darkroom and found true love. I learned to not only capture these memories with more precision, but manipulate them in ways that felt magical. I understood that I was making art.

Now, I love street photography, capturing these frozen moments and holding beauty still. Capturing the smiling faces and joyful tears at events such as weddings and births could not be more fulfilling. I am in love with the art because of the feelings it produces. It is so easy to get wrapped up in life’s fast pace and forget the small details. I love photography so much because it slows life down. In my work, I simply hope to provoke these feelings in others.